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What difference between black olies and green olives ?

There is no difference. In effect, their colour is determined by their maturity of the fruit. At the beginning, all olives are green and become black as they grow. In the other hand, some varieties are to be consumed not ripe (as the Picholine in Provence), while others are havested very ripe as the well-known Maroccan one. In Nice, we harvest the variety of "cailletier" or "caillete" once they are in the midlle of its maturity. We say that the harvest is "rotating", it is at this stage that it developps the most aromas. Some olives are still green whereas others are already dark brown. 

What is its point smoke?

210 ° instead of 180° for other olive oils. Boiling temperature : 300°.
Never consumer an olive oil that has smoked. It can happen to forget a stove with oil and that it begins to smoke. Do not cook this oil, because once the point of smoke is reached, the oil will release some harmful particles to your health. 

What is it its density ?

Its density is 0,916 or a olive oil liter weighs 916g. It is therefore lighter than water. This is why oil and vinegar (same density as water) do not mix.  

Should I put my oil in my refrigerator ? 

The solidification temprature og the olive oil is about 13°C. Below this temperature, oilve oil "freezes", has to say that whitish particles will be formed as the temperature descents until the freezing and the solidification. A few hours at temperature will restore its natural dress. This has no negative impact on its quality, but it not necessary to put in the refrigerator.  

How many olives needed to make 1 liter of olive oil ?

We need 4 to 6 kilos of olives pourto make 1 liter of olive oil (depends on the varities)

How many olive oils varieties does it exist ?

It exists about 400 varieties in the world, largely based on the mediteraneen basin. 

Is the turbid oil the best ?

Some say that when olive oil is turbid, it means that this one is handmade and so very good. Beware of this kind of reasonning, in effect, a turbid oil simply means that it has not been filtered or decanted, that's all... Some industralists have understood that the trouble side had an impact on sales and offer unfiltered primeurs oils available to small retailers in the market. Indeed it is not synonymous with good taste and it will rather consume them quickly at the beginning of harvest. The suspended particles still emit aromas and macerate in the oil. This can lead to a taste change in olive oil and can be fatal to long-term good taste. It is obvious that to bring you a correct product, the least thing is to filter the olive oil and thus stop its natural chemical development.

Are the medals of the competition a guarentee of quality ?

Care must be taken when medals are awarded in competiitons. In effect, the consumer hs to know that the products whiwh receive these medals have not been selected. Producers have decided to present on of their product . As a result, any producer can present a flawless sample which won't be representative of his production. Objectivity would require the organizers to collect the sample directly from the producer but this is not the case for the majority of these competitions. 

It happends that only two producers present themselves for a category and that, of course, they are givent the gold and silver medal without specifying that they were the only one to present themselves. See even two gold medals.. 

Of course, products that have a medal are often very good but gold medal does not mean that it is the best product of its region. The prospect of a 30% increase in sales (for a gold medal) attracts a large number of producers who have difficulty in selling their production, whereas those who sell it completely never very often come to this type Competitions.

You will notice that these competitions are also shunned by the great wine houses even though the quality of their product far exceeds the criteria for a gold medal.